://: My name is Eomer, son of Eomund, King of Rohan, the home of the horselords. Speak, and I shall listen. Ask, and I shall answer.
://: I am Eowyn, daughter of Eomund, a shieldmaiden of Rohan, sister to King Eomer. As swiftly as I killed the Nazgul, I shall answer your questions and converse with you.
://: My name is Maria, and this is my first roleplay blog. I'll be playing as Eomer and Eowyn from Lord of the Rings. I hope you enjoy yourselves! Ask me whatever you like, or start a roleplay with me, or whatever you like :) I track the tag childrenofeomund. M!A: Eomer is a centaur indefinitely for the moment


"It has to be Eowyn and Miranda Otto’s commitment to her. When I saw that they were paying attention to her warrior side in the third movie I was really pleased. Because the people of Rohan have had to count on women to defend their country for a long time, and I thought it was important to see that. And Miranda has done a great job. She’s been amazing, and I think people will be impressed by that."

Viggo Mortensen on the most pleasant surprise in RotK

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Horses With Better Hair Than You

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ashnazgtheonering said: -drops kiddieverse Ash onto Eomer to see what happens-





Hello there, little one. Who are you?

My name is Ash! -beams- Your helmet is funny.

I think it looks quite normal. *folds his arms and chuckles* What sort of helmets are you used to, Ash?

It has a fuzzy piece on top of it! I like it, though. It’s like a horse.

Indeed it does! It is horse hair that sprouts from the top, cut from my own horse’s tail when I became a Rider.

Eowyn crossed her arms under her head and turned on her back.

“Nay, I will enjoy the sun for a while longer,” she said, and stretched. “Besides, there is no wind right now. Not here, at least. Compared to the plains, the air is dead here.”

She yawned and laid her head down, closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the sun on her back.

"There you are right." He leant on his hands and turned his face to the sun, yet he seemed trouble. After a while, he could no longer keep silent.

"Eowyn… Do you… do you sometimes miss the days before the War of the Ring?"

There was a moment of silence, a pause in which Eowyn smiled sadly and turned on her side, laid her head on her folded arms and nodded.

"Every day," she murmured. "You forget that my uncle and cousin are dead, and they were quite alive before all of this happened. They were like father and brother to me. Every single day I miss them, every single day I wonder if they have made their way into your Halls of Mandos. Every day."

She blinked back tears, and rubbed her face in the crook of her arm.

"I do not miss the orcs," she continued. "I do not miss Saruman’s hold on my uncle, or Grima’s advances, or anything given by the enemy. But I miss my family. What of you?"

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poppybrownlock said: "I feel numb." {Eomer, I guess?}




"Are you feeling sick?" concern laced through his voice, and he knelt down, reached to touch Poppy’s forehead. "You feel hot, have you taken anything, drank or ate something?"

Eomer shrugged and shook his head with a smile.

"I’m already finished," he glanced down at his clothing and gestured to the door. "Go ahead, and I’ll lead the way."

He followed her out and down the hall, before leading her ‘round a few corners and through a few more doors, before they came to the great hall. The cook had laid out a small breakfast with eggs, sausages, and some roasted vegetables, as well as a few plates for whoever managed to grab them first in the household. Eomer usually waited until last; he would eat far better later. But today he would, if for the sake of his guest.

Poppy inhaled deeply once the two of them entered the hall, drawn to the source of the delicious smells like moth to flame. The fare looked very much like something she might have prepared for herself, if she were back in her own cosy little home, and that was both welcome and comfortable.

She hovered a bit hesitantly by the table where the food was left, held back by her desire to not seem rude or overeager. She’d wait for Eomer to lead the way. Despite her wish to not be rude, the selfish part of her wished very much that he would hurry at least a little, as she was quite hungry.

He took up two plates and two sets of silverware, and handed Poppy half.

"Fill your plate with whatever you like," he smiled brightly and blushed when his own stomach growled. "The cooks will make more for the men who still need to eat. If you do not take what you like, then you will be hungry, and the cooks will still make more, so do not fear to take more than is allowed."

He shoveled plenty onto his own plate; eggs, sausages, and plenty of tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms. Oh yes, they would be eating quite well today.

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poppybrownlock said: "You will be fine!" Poppy promised. "I shall not allow anything to go wrong."




"I hope not," Eowyn chuckled and sat up again. "Would you like to go down to the kitchens now and try? I’m sure our cooks would be happy to give us full reign for a time."

“You have been so very helpful in my learning,” Eowyn said with a smile. “Just yesterday I would have guaranteed that my involvement in any kitchen-based experiments would end in pure disaster, but together we are nearly finished creating something that is, in fact, not ruined. At least, I hope.”

She gestured for Poppy to begin following her back to the kitchen, hopefully before their hard work burned!!

"I am glad to have been a help." Poppy beamed up at the lady as the two of them entered through the kitchen’s doors once more. A delicious scent had filled the room in their absence, and Poppy eagerly crossed to where they had slid the pan for baking to check on it.

"Eowyn, come look! Not burnt in the slightest, and it smells even more marvelous over here nearer to it. I do believe they’re nearly done, too, so we came back just in time!"

“Oh, it does smell good, doesn’t it?” Eowyn scurried to a nearby drawer and took a few thick towels, handed two to Poppy and kept two for herself. “Whenever it is done, I think you might use these to hold the pans. This way you do not burn your hands. At least, this is what I’ve seen the cook do. I’m sure you do something quite similar.”


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no but someone had to put lube on sebastian stan’s arm every single time they did a shoot with the arm

ashnazgtheonering said: -drops kiddieverse Ash onto Eomer to see what happens-



Hello there, little one. Who are you?

My name is Ash! -beams- Your helmet is funny.

I think it looks quite normal. *folds his arms and chuckles* What sort of helmets are you used to, Ash?

childrenofeomund said: There is a very sudden and loud clattering and yelling at the Gates of Barad Dur. If Sauron were to take a quick look, he might see a tall man fighting his guards as well as he can, and screaming something about "Poppy!" and "Come back!" with added "Don't be foolish!"


Black sand blew down from the heights of the rebuilt tower— its patchwork stone cracked and unsettling as it was intimidating. The two Haradrim warriors who fought off the lone horse-lord suddenly withdrew, sword and pike at the ready, as the Shadow coalesced into a figure, broad and looming.

He had no Mouth or herald to speak for him now. 

"She cannot hear you. Even if you were in the same room with her now, I would make sure you would be neither seen nor heard. Lower your weapon. What do you wish to gain here, Rider?"  

"Oh, but the sweet halfling’s wellbeing is my foremost priority!" The Shadow laughed, a hollow sound. "And where on earth could she be safer? If I will allow no harm to come to her, what power do you think could reach her? Diminished as I am… is your mortal keeping really superior to mine?"  

Without moving a muscle  the dark silhouette of his body slid down the steps and towered over Eomer, snake-tendrils of hair flowing in all directions an unfelt breeze. 

"Poppy is asleep in my tower, awaiting her tea and my company, as if she where curled before her own hearth… She came to me, you understand.”  The Shadow smiled, a crooked slash in the darkness. “She trusts me. And you…. you are intruding on private matters.”

His voice was all velvet and honey, hovering just beyond the reach of  Eomer’s weapon, two burning holes fixed unblinking on the horselord’s eyes. “Why not turn back? You’re chivalry is not needed here. Let a poor old shadow have an hour of comfort… Let your little friend have her dreams, where untarnished innocence is the cure for all the world’s wickedness. It is a beautiful dream. A harmless dream. The days of grand heroics are over and done, and I am just a tatter of cloth in a broken tower.”

The black sand turned in slow whirls, hypnotic and pacifying. “Turn around and go home to your own hearth and your own aspirations, Rider. Poppy is safe. With me. All is well.” 

"Am I meant to believe you? Trust you? Listen to what you say and leave without a second glance?"

Eomer stepped forward a second time, stared up at the shadow with hard eyes and twisted lips.

"I will not leave this place until Poppy knows what you are capable of, and what harm you have caused. And she will know from my words, not your’s. I do not trust you. I do not believe you. And if you endeavor to keep me from her, you will find yourself in for as much fight as I am able to give. Do not underestimate me.”

The swirls of black, glittering under the sun, only seemed to inflame and anger him. Attempts at peace would not work, not while he knew that Poppy was in harm’s way. It did not matter what this creature said, what he meant or teased about. If she was here, she was not safe, and there would be no more talk of peace.


"But for long years, we healers have sought to patch the rents made by the men of swords. Though we should still have enough to do without them: the world is full enough of hurts and mischances without wars to multiply them."